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ABC Smile’s goal is to provide high-quality masks at affordable prices to Hong Kong schools. Our mission of providing a “Happy Learning” environment for children has now been extended to creating the “Safest and Happiest Learning” experience within our city’s educational communities. 


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We are ABC Smile, a small mask company producing high-quality face masks in Hong Kong. We are proud to be part of ABC Pathways Group, which oversees educational institutions such as; ABC Pathways School, ABC Pathways International Kindergarten, and Juniorversity English language learning centres.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, all schools in Hong Kong were forced to close indefinitely. Despite the education sector being one of the hardest hit by the crisis, no dedicated relief channel for schools was made available. After extended dialogue with Hong Kong principals, we identified that there could be a potential shortage of masks for students when classes finally resumed. During this time, the price of masks skyrocketed amidst panic buying, and the situation worsened with an influx of low-quality masks infiltrating the market. With the trust and support received from school principals, ABC Smile made it our goal to create a fully operational PPE production line within the heart of the city, which would quickly provide kindergarten, primary and secondary school students with as many face masks as possible. In addition, these masks would be sold at affordable prices, making them accessible to all schools, regardless of size or budget, and to a fully tested and recognised safety standard.

Although ABC Smile mainly provides face masks to schools in Hong Kong, we also are willing to do our best to supply masks to companies in need, should they reach out to us.


ABC Pathways Group, established in 2002 with ABC Pathways School, is dedicated to education where stress-free learning and positive encouragement lead to academic results. The curriculum and teaching philosophies across ABC Pathways Group prepare learners to reach the English standard of Hong Kong Band One schools or international school level. ABC Pathways Group’s expertise is in Early Childhood Education and we are passionate about expanding in this field both locally and internationally. We care about our learners and their families, and are therefore dedicated to providing the best educational experience for both children and parents.


ABC Pathways Group Members include:

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